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Dr. Soner Tarim

Soner Tarim Dr. Soner Tarim is a founding member and current superintendent of Harmony Public Schools, high performing K-12 public charter schools located in Texas with a strong focus on science, technologies, engineering, and math (STEM) providing opportunities for underserved communities. He is the driving force in creating STEM academies with an emphasis on college-readiness and the tracking of performance metrics of its high caliber students.

A luminary in the Charter School Community, his leadership philosophy recognizes the need to develop meaningful partnerships, maintain open collaborative lines of communication, and leverage relationships with high-level corporate, business, civic, legislative and international leaders to advance the mission of Harmony and opportunities for its beneficiaries.

Over his 24 year professional career, Dr. Tarim has developed innovative educational programs geared to K-12 schools. He is highly sought after as a consultant and as a speaker in state charter & STEM conferences and has distinguished himself as a results-oriented educator with unrivaled expertise and knowledge in developing and managing innovative charter schools.

Under Dr. Tarim's leadership, Harmony has grown to 36 schools and 20,000 students from throughout the state of Texas, many of which have been recognized as academically competitive schools in the nation. Harmony has received numerous outstanding awards and recognitions including the National Title I Distinguished School Award for closing the achievement gap and a Broad Prize nomination.

Dr. Tarim holds a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University and is a trained biologist and ecologist. In addition to his background in biological sciences, he has taught many courses in the field of biology, ecology, general science, and physical education at the high school, college and graduate school levels. Dr. Tarim has spearheaded scientific symposiums and international science Olympiads including I-SWEEEP (the International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, and Environment Project), the largest science fair event of its kind comprising over 1,000 top-ranked high school students representing 43 states and over 70 nations world-wide presenting and sharing their ideas, experiences, and knowledge to promote maintaining global sustainability. He has also has developed and directed successful after school programs.

Dr. Tarim has published numerous peer reviewed scientific articles, policies, procedures, and guidelines for charter schools in the areas of Admissions, Governance, and Human Resources. He is a certified school board member and school administrator trainer and sits on the Board of Directors of the Region 4 Education Service Center, which is the largest Texas educational service center providing services to 54 school districts representing over 1,000,000 students and more than 83,000 professional educators.

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Recent News From:
Harmony Science Academy - San Antonio

Harmony Science Academy-SA is Seeking dedicated Secondary High School Mathematics Teacher

Harmony Public Schools (HPS) is a highly recognized and award-winning charter school organization that hires top quality teachers, administrators, and other professionals. HPS strives to provide personal growth and professional success for experienced educators seeking new career opportunities. Our Harmony Science Academy-SA campus is seeking a dedicated secondary high school mathematics teacher for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Bachelor's degree in a directly related field and Texas teacher certification are required.


HSA-SA Student Team Joined Cross-Country Solar Car Challenge This Summer

This year's Solar Car Challenge rolled in full of surprises for Harmony teams participating. This year, our HSA-SA campus built a solar powered car, and took it up to Fort Worth to participate in the 785 mile race from the world-famous Texas Motor Speedway to Minneapolis, Minnesota. HSA-San Antonio completed the race, and finished in 7th place. This team worked endlessly until the very end, preparing their car and organizing fundraisers to cover travel costs.The Solar Car Challenge welcomes teams from all around the country, and helps students learn about effective ways to help the environment using engineering and science. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication all of our students demonstrated during this year-long journey. We are especially thankful for the support we receive from the community, we couldn't do it without you.

View link for our HSASA Tigers competition information!!!


HSA-SA Celebrates First Day of School

On August 17th 2016, Harmony Science Academy HSA-SA opened its doors once again for the first day of school for the 2016-2017 academic year. Our students were thrilled start a new year filled with discovery and wonder. Most notably, our students received a marvelous surprise from San Antonio’s very own superhero group “The Champions of SA”, which is comprised of memorable heroes such as Captain America and Catwoman,who welcomed our students as they visited classrooms in order to give some wonderful words of encouragement about the importance of education and how determination can lead to greatness. We would like to thank these real life superheroes for inspiring our students on their first day of school.

Harmony Students Completed Internship from the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Academy

On August 5th 2016, several students from the Harmony Science Academy San Antonio campus have completed the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Academy (ATMA) Internship which was held at Toyota Motors Manufacturing Facility in San Antonio, TX.


    The Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Academy is a multi-year curriculum for high school students to develop technical and professional skills while working in a real world environment. Throughout the program, our students had the ability to work with state of the art technology while applying the skills they learn via a STEM based educational curriculum. This one of a kind educational experience was coupled with onsite training and development with Toyota Motors as they learned the latest management and leadership techniques used by the industry today so they can become the technological leaders of tomorrow. Throughout this process, students were required to submit and give a formal presentation that depicted the work, skills, and knowledge gained throughout the program.


    Two of our students, Kyle O'D and Kevin H, have officially completed their internship and gave their final presentations to Toyota personnel which included some who have been able to experience the marvelous work that they have done firsthand. We are proud of our students and their tremendous accomplishment since this program has helped prepare them for the high demand positions of the future.

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